The Spanish Provence: lavender fields in Brihuega
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The Spanish Provence: lavender fields in Brihuega

The lavender fields are one of the biggest attractions of the summer for those who like nature, flowers and colours.

You’ve probably seen lots of pictures of lavender fields on Instagram and you probably dreamed of travelling to the Provence to see them.

If you live in Spain or you are going to visit our country in summer, we have good news: there are lavender fields in Spain too.

What will you find in this post:

Where is the Spanish Provence?

Lavender fields in Brihuega village, Guadalajara - Spain

In the province of Guadalajara, about 90 km from Madrid you can find the so-called Spanish Provence: the lavender fields of Brihuega.

In this town, the lavender is a very important element and that’s why they hold a lavender festival every year. We will talk about the festival a little bit later. First of all we are going to explain you how you can get there.

How to get there from Madrid?

By car

If you go by car from Madrid you have to take the A2 highway, towards Zaragoza. You need to pass by Guadalajara and as soon as you get to Torija, take exit 73, national road CM-2011, towards Brihuega.

To get to the lavender fields you have to cross the town of Brihuega, so don’t worry. Follow CM-2005 for about 4.5 km and you will see the fields from the road.

The journey from the centre of Madrid is 93.5 km and takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

By bus

If you don’t have a car but would like to see the lavender blossom, you can also go by bus, but you will have to change buses in Guadalajara and spend the night in Brihuega.

Until 2019 there were buses that connected Madrid with Brihuega, but the routes have changed and there is no direct connection anymore.

Buses from Madrid to Guadalajara leave from Avenida de America station every hour and the price of the ticket is 3.34 euros per journey.

The bus from Guadalajara to Brihuega leaves once a day at 12:30 and arrives at Brihuega at 13:05. The price for this journey is 3.35 euros or 6.03 euros if you book the return ticket on the Samar website.

To return, you have to know that there is only one bus a day between Brihuega and Guadalajara and it leaves at 7:50. As we have mentioned, in order to go and come back by bus you will have to spend one night in the village of Brihuega.

This option is ideal if you want to spend a weekend in Brihuega and you don’t mind staying overnight in the village.

When is the best time to see the lavender?

The blooming of the lavender can be seen during the whole month of July, but the best time to see it is in the second half of the month.

Mid-month july flowering is at its peak and the flowers turn deep purple. In addition, every year, the second or third weekend of July, they celebrate the lavender festival.

Young couple in the lavender fields in Brihuega, Spain

Lavender Festival

Every year, in July, Brihuega celebrates the Lavender Festival.

Evening concerts are being held in the lavender fields and the chairs to sit and enjoy the concert are placed among the flowers.

During this festival the lavender fields are the main protagonists, but the town of Brihuega is also getting ready for the festival.

The streets are decorated with bouquets and ribbons in the colour of lavender. If you like the smell of lavender you can take advantage of the visit to Brihuega to buy all kinds of handmade products made with lavender.

Lavender soap from Brihuega, Spain

Picture by silviarita.

What do you need to know before going

If you want to go into the lavender fields and walk among the flowers, we recommend you to wear a flat shoes. The ground is usually uneven and if you wear heels or platform shoes it will be very difficult to walk without falling.

Be aware of the bees! In the lavender fields there are lots of bees and most of us are afraid of them.

What you need to know is that they are working to pollinize the flowers and that they don’t intend to attack you for no reason. If any of them fly near you, stay calm and don’t do anything. After all, we are in their “home” and we must respect them.

The lavender fields are photographers’ paradise. They are so photogenic that you won’t be able to stop taking pictures. There are also many couples that decide to take their wedding photographs in this environment.

If you have a special event, this may be the perfect place for a photo shoot.

The best time to see the lavender fields is a bit before sunset. At that time there are usually very few people and you will be able to walk around and take your photos without anyone bothering you. Also, at dusk the fields look even more purple.

They are absolutely breathtaking!

Puesta de sol en el campo de lavanda en Brihuega

We visited the lavender fields located in Brihuega on July 15, 2018 and also on July 20, 2019.

In both cases, the Lavender Festival had already ended and in the afternoon we could enjoy the fields almost by ourselves. Also, we went at the perfect time to take pictures: just before sunset. It was a very nice experience for us and we took a lot of pictures.

In recent years the lavender fields of Brihuega have become one of the summer’s highlights. If you happen to be in Spain during July, you should not miss them!

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