How much does a Porto trip cost in 2019?
View of Ribeira - Oporto, Portugal
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How much does a Porto trip cost in 2019?

Porto is a very popular European destination. This city is known for its bridges, its tiles and especially for its wine.

Porto is one of the largest cities in Portugal and one of the most affordable to travel in Europe. Accommodation, flights, food and activities in Porto are very well priced and suitable for all pockets.

Whether you’re planning to spend your holidays in Porto or just a weekend getaway, knowing the prices will help you to define your budget.

If you haven’t thought about traveling to Porto yet, you’ll surely think about it after seeing that for less than 200 you can spend 3 days in one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal.

What will you find in this post:


Avión de Ryanair parado en el aeropuerto Barajas de Madrid, España

Flights are one of the biggest expenses when it comes to planning a trip. Luckily, flights to Porto are usually quite cheap and even more if you travel from Spain.

There are several airlines such as Ryanair, Air Europa or Tap Portugal that offer low-cost flights to Porto. We used Ryanair and the flights cost us €42 per person round trip. Two years ago, we paid €15 round trip tickets to Oporto with Ryanair as well.

How to get cheap flights?

Keep in mind that traveling during the weekend is usually more expensive than on weekdays.

We traveled to Porto from Thursday to Saturday, but there are also cheap options from Tuesday to Friday or Saturday to Monday.

The most expensive option is to travel from Friday to Sunday because these are the flights everyone wants and the airlines take advantage of this to increase the price.
So if you are flexible, you can find your flights at a very good price.

→ Read our article on how to save money when you book your trips by yourself and the resources on how to find the best deals


The best deals for flights on Skyscanner


Accommodation is also one of the main expenses when traveling. Depending on the type of accommodation you prefer, prices can be very different.

We usually book basic accommodation because we only use it to shower and sleep. In Porto, you can find hostels from €15 per night and hotels from €40 per night for one person.

We stayed at Henrique VIII Residence. It’s a centric guesthouse, simple but clean and it cost us €26 per person for two nights.

Public transportation

Public transportation in Porto is also very affordable.

If you travel by plane you need to take the metro from the airport to the city center. You will have to buy the Andante card which costs €0,60 and charge the tickets on the card. The price for the ticket from the airport Francisco Sá Carneiro to Porto is €2 a journey.

To move around the city is not necessary to take public transport as you can walk to most sights. We recommend you to walk, this way you will see as much as possible of the city and you will also be able to eat an extra pastel de nata (portuguese sweet).

However, if you don’t want to walk too much, you can take the metro, tram or bus in case you need it. The price per journey is €1.2 and you can charge your tickets on the same card you buy at the airport.

Boats with wine barrels- Porto, Portugal

Porto is a city that offers a lot of activities of all types. This is one of the reasons why we fell in love with Porto.

Although it’s not a particularly big city there are many things to do: many museums, wineries that can be visited, guided tours to different monuments of the city, boat trips, cable car, etc.

These are the prices for tickets and some examples of activities you can do in Porto.

In terms of visits and activities, there is no limit to what you can spend. It all depends on the type of trip you want to have.

There are activities that we consider essential, such as a visit to one of the wineries in Vila Nova de Gaia, a boat trip along the Duero River and climbing the Clergy tower, but there are many more activities that can be done.

In the total budget, we have included the sum of all entrance fees and activities mentioned above because these are those we have paid for, but depending on your budget you can do more or less activities.


Portuguese breakfast: pastel de nata, croissant, coffee - Porto, Portugal

Portuguese gastronomy has tasty dishes and delicious desserts.

We recommend you try the francesinha, a typical Porto sandwich that contains pieces of meat and sausage, with cheese and bathed in a very yummy sauce. The most famous dessert, as elsewhere in Portugal, is the pastel de nata, but there are some other delicious sweets.

For breakfast we recommend you to try the natural croissant. It’s quite different from butter croissants, but it’s very good.

One of the cheapest things in Porto is coffee. In fact, it may be the cheapest city in Europe to have coffee because a cup can cost you as little as €0,60. 

When in Porto you must taste its wines, but keep in mind that a glass will cost you at least €3. If you travel with more people, it is better to buy a bottle of wine in the supermarket and share it.

In Porto, you can have a meal for a small amount of money if you go a couple of streets away from the most touristic points.

Below you can find a list with the prices of some of the most typical food in Porto and also one of our food expenses to help you get an idea of how much it costs to eat in this city.

Price list:

The total amount we spent on food during the 3 days in Porto is €63.25 per person.

Day 1: €2,5 breakfast + €5,6 lunch + €9 dinner = 17,1.

Day 2: €5,5 breakfast + €6 lunch + €6,9 dinner = €18,4.

Day 3: €4,5 breakfast + €8 lunch = 12,5.

*Water, some wine and desserts = 15,25.

Three glasses of Porto wine - Portugal


We recommend you to carry always some cash. Although in most of the restaurants you can pay with a card, there are still some traditional establishments that don’t provide this service.

In Portugal, it’s very common to be served bread with butter or tapas and appetizers before lunch.

There are places in Europe, like Spain, where tapas are courtesy of the restaurant, but not in Portugal.

If you eat the bread or the appetizer you will be charged. They’re not usually expensive but you’ll probably be surprised when you ask for the bill. If you don’t eat them, they won’t charge you, but it’s still worth checking your receipt.

If you want to try the local food of Porto and you need to find a good local restaurant, we invite you to read our tips on how to enjoy the best gastronomic experience without spending too much.


Souvenirs are usually cheap in Porto too. Souvenirs with prints of Porto tiles and things made of cork such as handbags, purses or caps are very popular.

Depending on what you want to take as a souvenir, the prices can start from 1€, like the Portuguese printed kitchen towels. The typical souvenirs such as magnets and key rings usually cost between €1 and €3 and prices for postcards start from €0.30.

Knowing the cost of the flights, accommodation, public transportation, food and activities, we will see how much a 3 day trip to Oporto costs per person:

Total cost per person for 3 days in Porto: €189,35.

Each one of us has its own taste and preferences and the budget of a trip can be different depending on the activities we want to do, the shopping we are going to do during the trip and the comforts we want to enjoy in the accommodation.

This budget is designed for a low-cost getaway, but depending on your preferences it can be lower or higher.

When organising a trip you have to take into consideration all the things you are going to be spending on. We believe that it’s good to know beforehand the price of the things in the place we travel to and that’s why we have created this post. We hope you will find it useful!

*All prices indicated in this budget are from the year 2019.

How much do you want to save on your trip to Porto?

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