Africa is the third-largest continent in the world after Asia and the Americas. Despite the fact that there are only 14.4 km separating Europe from Africa, the latter continent is a great unknown to Europeans.

The landscape of the African continent includes 3 large deserts the Sahara (the largest in the world), the Namib and the Kalahari. The Nile, one of the longest rivers in the world and Kilimanjaro, one of the highest peaks in the world are some of the stars of this continent.

Africa is home to 1.2 billion people, 15% of the world’s population. The largest city is Cairo where 9.5 million people live.

This continent has a total of 54 countries where there is a great variety of cultures, religions and where more than 2000 different languages are spoken.

Despite the fact that Africa receives far fewer visitors than other continents, over 50 million tourists come to the region every year.

Among the most tourist countries of the African continent are Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Egypt, but Africa has many countries that deserve a visit.

The most outstanding activities are to go on safari, to visit the pyramids of Egypt, to travel to the desert of Sahara or that of Namib, to see the gorillas of Rwanda, the baobabs of Madagascar or the Victoria Falls, between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Regardless of which African country you decide to visit, each one has a lot to offer. You will find plenty of exciting cultural experiences and gastronomic variety in Africa.