Miruna and Marius from We Collect Postcards

More than eight years ago we packed our bags to embark on our first trip together. Don’t think it was a great trip. We went on a weekend getaway to the south of Spain, in Fuengirola (Málaga).

At that time we were newbies at traveling, but this little getaway made us realize that this was our biggest common passion: traveling.

✈️ We started to travel more, especially around Spain, where we discovered new cities, traditions and incredible natural places. Each time we wanted to travel more, to get to know the destinations in a different way and to get into the culture of each country.

Our little getaways became longer and further journeys. This is how the first trip through Europe arrived, the first to Asia and the first to Africa.

At first we had a hard time organizing our adventures and spent more time and money than necessary. Oh dear, we didn’t know much about traveling 😂.

As time went by we started to research more about each destination and look for ways to spend more time in each place for the same budget.

💡En 2020, after so many years and so many experiences, we exchanged our suitcases for backpacks and set off on a adventure with no return ticket to Southeast Asia.

We want our experience to help other travelers like you. That’s why we share tips and resources to travel more for less, tricks on how to organize your trips better and even ideas to help you to step outside your comfort zone and dare to work from anywhere in the world.

Grab your backpack, change your mindset and jump into the adventure with us 🎒!

We Collect Postcards?

Besides having a collection with more than 600 postcards, we also like to capture in postcards the places we travel to.

The photographs are the memories we take from each trip and many of them are included in the articles of this blog.

A little bit more about us:

Miruna from We Collect Postcards

Favorite country: Singapore
Best travel memory: Spending the night in a million-star desert camp in Merzouga
Favorite food: La vera pizza Italiana
I want to see: Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
I want to do: Kiss a giraffe

What can I say about myself without talking only about travel?

I love to travel! I live to travel and travel to live.

Oh, no…wait 😅

I’m 29 years old, I’ve studied tourism (what a surprise!) and throughout my life I’ve worked on different things but none of them fully convinced me.

I’m a decided and restless person and when I want something I want it now and I go for it.

I like to see new places, learn things every day, take pictures, write, meet people and listen stories.

My biggest dream was to be able to travel slowly and without a return ticket, but since I can proudly say that I have achieved it, I will have to find another one. I think I want to go on a round-the-world trip.

Yes! I want to go around the world, but slowly ❤️

I am 31 years old and I am passionate about the IT world, photography, audio-visual and sports.

In 2015 I finished my degree in Audiovisual Communication and I am currently working on the creation of digital content.

When I was a child I used to go on summer camps to be able to travel outside the city since my parents could not afford to take us on a trip every year.

Now I spend as much time as possible getting to know new destinations, people and cultures because these are the experiences that make me grow as a person, give me energy and make me happy.

I will always remember the feeling I had the first time I went abroad: scared of the new and unknown, but at the same time excited about the opportunity to see something different.

From then on, I was determined to see all the places in the world, even though I would probably miss some of them due to lack of time.

Marius from We Collect Postcards

Favorite country: Singapore – the country of the future
Best travel memory: Seeing the Milky Way with my own eyes in the Sahara desert
Favorite food: Nasi Goreng Ayam – Fried rice with chicken and vegetables
I want to see: Vietnam
I want to do: Diving at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

We've traveled to

3 continents

15 countries

100+ cities

We've traveled to

3 continents

15 countries

100+ cities