In this section we share our trips and routes, accommodations where we have stayed and useful information about the places we have visited, in order to help you to choose your next destination and organize your trip.

"Our biggest dream is to travel the world together"

We are Miruna and Marius, a couple of restless young people, always in search of new experiences. In the past 6 years we have traveled together and we have collected a lot of pictures and many stories to share. That’s why we decided to create We Collect Postcards: to share our adventures and help other people that share with us the same passion.

Pareja viajeros de escapada en Fez, Marruecos
Light show in the Super Trees of Gardens by the Bay, with Marina Bay Sands Hotel in the background, Singapore

25 things to do in Singapore

25 things to do in Singapore Singapore is an amazingly developed city-nation. Even though it’s a new country, it doesn’t just have skyscrapers and modern buildings but also a lot

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In this section we will show you the resources we use to organize a trip: search engines for flights and accommodation with the best prices, travel insurance and more.

Looking for the perfect hotel or restaurant? Do you want to known how to save for your trips? On this page you will find useful tips for organising any kind of trip.

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